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Nothing soothes the soul quite like a walk on the beach. Between the warm sun on your face, the soft sand in between your toes and the soothing beach waves, it doesn’t take long to reap the rewards of the sea.

Huntington Beach Recovery Center takes a modern approach to drug and alcohol detox, steering clear of outdated methods. Our treatment combines evidence-based therapy with holistic healing techniques, ensuring that every client receives the best possible care.

About Us

Huntington Beach Recovery Center

Many treatment centers take on a one-size-fits-all approach when treating addiction which doesn’t work. We understand that every individual has their own story which is why we offer individualized care, tailored specifically to each client.

During your time at our residential treatment program in Huntington Beach CA, you will work on your recovery, develop healthy coping methods and discover the underlying reasons for your substance use. This way, you can build a life of meaning and purpose, which is the best way to protect your sobriety.

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Our Facility

During your stay, you will reside in a comfortable, upscale beach house with the latest amenities, including a modern kitchen, flat screen television, fireplace, stone patio and shared and private bedrooms. We want our clients to be able to have all the things that make them comfortable so that they can focus their energy on healing.

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As a private treatment center, we accept most PPO insurance plans. Each plan is different, so contact us today to determine your out of pocket costs. We also accept private pay options such as credit cards. We will work with you to make treatment affordable!

Treatment Options

If you’re feeling lost or hopeless, Huntington Beach Recovery Center is here for you. We are located just 15 minutes from Huntington Beach Pier in a quiet residential community. With detox and residential inpatient treatment, you’ll be able to build a healthy foundation and start your journey to sobriety.

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Healing Starts When the Root Cause Is Discovered

We Take A Different Approach To Addiction Treatment

What separates us from other addiction treatment facilities is that we get to the root of the issue while providing around-the-clock support and supervision. While it’s normal to experiment with drugs or alcohol out of curiosity or peer pressure, these are usually not reasons to continue.

Typically what happens is that the substances make a person feel good, and they come to rely on them when they’re feeling stressed, bored or upset. Drugs and alcohol are a way to escape from painful emotions and past traumas. Once the brain and body become dependent, there is a compulsion to continue using, despite negative consequences.

As a residential inpatient treatment center, Huntington Beach Recovery Center treats the most complex substance use disorders. We can diagnose and treat mental health disorders, past traumas, self-destructive behaviors, negative environments and more. If you are struggling in your current environment, our facility will remove you from your triggers so that you can focus on healing.

Personalized Treatment Solutions

For the Most Complex Addictions

Huntington Beach Recovery Center provides personalized, comprehensive treatment solutions. Your treatment plan will be flexible so that we can scale your care up or down depending on your needs at the moment. For example, we can request additional therapy sessions if you are working on specific issues, such as complex trauma.

With a combination of evidence-based and holistic therapies, we are able to help you heal your mind, body and spirit in a safe, supportive environment. We also have aftercare support and family education, both of which will help you transition to your everyday life. Ultimately, our goal is to get clients back into society and functioning normally while knowing their greater purpose.

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