Who We Are

Huntington Beach Recovery Center was created out of need.

Millions of Americans suffer from substance use disorders and mental health disorders. Recovery must start somewhere, and we are equipped to offer a safe, supportive setting where clients can begin their journeys. We provide medical detox, inpatient treatment and aftercare all under one roof.

Our residential property is centrally located in Huntington Beach CA, just 15 minutes from the Pacific Ocean. We also have plenty of restaurants and shopping centers nearby, which is convenient for families who come to visit their loved ones. There are days when we will also take clients out so that they get used to being in the everyday world again.

As an inpatient facility, you don’t have to give up your favorite things to receive treatment. Our residential property is located in a quiet neighborhood with sidewalks and fences. We offer a fully upgraded kitchen, cozy live-in areas with a flat screen television and fireplace and a game room with arcade games and a pool table.

During the day, you can also sit outdoors and enjoy our relaxing patio with tables and lawn chairs. It’s a beautiful escape that is sure to enhance the mood, as Huntington Beach is known for its superb weather, beach vibes, sandy coastline and sky-high palm trees. Enjoy a taste of luxury while working on your recovery!

Why Choose Our Residential Rehab Facility

Huntington Beach Recovery Center makes it possible to get superior care while removing yourself from your current environment. Many people need to isolate themselves from their home life, as too many triggers are present. By doing the same, you can give all of your attention to your recovery.

During your stay at our treatment facility, you will have access to endless tools and support services. We have an exceptional and well-rounded team of doctors, nurses, therapists, fitness trainers, chefs and more. We also offer all types of alternative therapies to support your recovery and help you rediscover your passions, such as yoga, meditation and massage therapy.

Your clinical team will also get to the root of your substance use so that you can fully recover from your addiction. We know that each person has a unique set of circumstances, and we will do everything in our power to uncover their motivations for using drugs or alcohol. Once we unlock this key, the healing process moves faster.

By the time graduation rolls around, you will have a better understanding of yourself, what led to the substance use and how to protect yourself in the future.

We will also encourage you to join our Alumni group and be an active member in your community, as this will give you a sense of purpose and a reason to stay away from drugs, alcohol and other toxic situations.

Start your recovery today by calling Huntington Beach Recovery Center.