What to Expect

If you are struggling with a severe addiction to drugs, alcohol or both, you can recover in a beautiful, luxury residential facility with a fully furnished kitchen, relaxing outdoor patio and game room.

We have a caring, compassionate staff and unparalleled service that ensures your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs are taken care of.

Clients come to Huntington Beach Recovery Center because they want to overcome their addiction in a supportive setting. Our residential treatment facility is designed to feel like home, giving you access to all the things that you enjoy on a daily basis. Whether it’s a hot shower, your favorite TV series or a quick game of pool, you can find what you need to relax and feel at home.

What Happens When You Check Into Our Facility?

Once you arrive at our facility in Huntington Beach CA, you will be greeted by our clinical team. You will receive several health screenings to establish your mental and physical health. These screenings will detect drugs or alcohol in your system and diagnose underlying mental or physical health conditions. This information will help our team put together an individualized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs.

Detox is the first step in the recovery process, so you will likely start with a detox program that lasts about a week. Of course, this depends on the drugs you are addicted to and how severe your addiction is, but most people are through detox and withdrawal in about seven days. There may be some longer lasting psychological symptoms, but these will be addressed in therapy.

After detox is complete, you’ll move onto treatment where you will be given daily group therapy and weekly individual therapy, as well as family therapy, trauma therapy and more. And since we are a holistic treatment facility, we also offer a wide range of alternative therapies and activities to keep you busy, such as creative writing, music therapy, yoga and meditation. Most people stay at our treatment facility for 30 to 45 days.

A Continuum of Care That Lasts Long After Treatment

After completing our residential inpatient treatment program, you will transition to your everyday life. However, it is common to need additional support during this time, so we may recommend sober living and/or an outpatient program.

Huntington Beach Recovery Center also has a vibrant Alumni community that encourages clients to work together for a better future. Our Alumni members will help you along your journey, whether it’s finding qualified therapists, re-entering the work world, repairing relationships, managing finances or developing a structured routine. Nothing is off limits – this community is here to help!

We know that your family and friends are crucial to your recovery, but there will be times when you want to talk to someone else – someone who has walked in your shoes and understands what you’re going through. You can find this level of support from our Alumni community. Plus, you can look forward to scheduled meetups, guest speakers and other fun events.

Take the first step to recovery by calling our admissions department today!